Fourth-gen iPod touch rumors: 5MP, FaceTime and gyroscope

The latest Apple rumor has the new iPod touch getting a 5-megapixel camera, LED flash, HD video capture, FaceTime and even a gyroscope, just like the iPhone 4.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

If a new report from the Electric Pig (via PowerPage) is to be believed, Apple’s fourth-generation iPod touch -- rumored to arrive in September 2010 -- will feature a 5-megapixel camera, HD video capture, FaceTime and even a gyroscope, just like the iPhone 4.

U.K. retailer John Lewis said the information is based on “noises we’re hearing from suppliers”. Though no mention was specifically made of a forward-facing camera at the company’s presentation in London, it did say that FaceTime calling over Wi-Fi would be possible “so you can communicate with friends at zero cost.”

The expanded rumors about Apple’s next iPod touch originated at the John Lewis “Xmas in July” event, where the retailer also claimed that the new iPod touch will include an LED flash, just like the iPhone 4. Curiously, nothing was said specifically about a front-facing camera, although it's a requirement for FaceTime.

Wait, when did we start getting our rumors from retailers? As always, consider the source on this one.

Still at issue is whether the revved iPod touch would also inherit the iPhone 4's new 640-by-960 pixel Retina Display or Apple’s custom-built A4 processor.

Apple was originally rumored to add a camera to the iPod touch at its September 2009 iPod event but the feature was reportedly pulled due to problems with the camera modules. Apple later added a video camera to the 5th generation iPod nano.

It seems like Apple's new video conferencing technology could be poised to take off. Especially if the new 4th-gen iPod touch rumors pan out, and the iPad gets FaceTime (which seems like an eventuality) but especially when Skype supports FaceTime.

More importantly, can a new iPod touch with this many features be stopped? One PowerPage commenter thinks that such a device would achieve world domination:

If Apple pulls this off, the iPod Touch will dominate. It will be by far the best pocket multi-media device on the market. The iPod Touch will essentially become what the iPod was for Apple, they will sell tons of it and it will dominate the market. I mean with the Mac, iPad, and iPod touch combo Apple seems to be laying a very solid foundation that will make it a strong company for many more years.

What's your take?

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