Free PDF download: Cybersecurity in an IoT and mobile world

This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic examines the evolving landscape of cybersecurity as mobile and IoT become indispensable tools in the enterprise. Download it as a free PDF ebook.
Written by Amy Talbott, Contributor
Image: iStock/ymgerman

As ZDNet's Charles McLellan points out in his introduction to this special report, the tech world today is dominated by mobile, social networks, cloud, analytics and the Internet of Things. Companies are rushing to introduce new products using these technologies into the market, sometimes to the detriment of security considerations. This ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature looks at how business are keeping up with the developing risks.

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This collection of articles includes valuable advice for business leaders about how to keep their company's data secure. TechRepublic's Conner Forrest offers 10 best practices for securing IoT and Alison DeNisco warns readers about five common pitfalls of mobile and IoT management, and how to avoid them. Writer Mary Shacklett has advice for CIOs about how to utilize AI and machine learning to increase IoT security.

ZDNet's sister site, Tech Pro Research, surveyed IT professionals about the state of cybersecurity in the workplace, and despite the threats presented by mobile and IoT, most gave positive responses. The majority of respondents said their company's cybersecurity readiness was average or above, and most said it had improved in the past year.

Also in this special feature, Dan Patterson took a deep dive into cyberweapons, from a hacked emergency siren in Dallas, to the WannaCry ransomware attack, to how a US cyberattack may have sabotaged a missile launch in North Korea.

To read all these articles, download the ebook here: Cybersecurity in an IoT and mobile world.

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