Free PDF download: Mixed reality in business

This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic looks at how the combination of augmented reality and virtual reality in mixed reality is empowering the enterprise. Download it as a free PDF ebook.
Written by Melanie Wachsman, Editor

Mixed Reality -- where augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) meet --  offers a slew of benefits for the tech industry in training, coaching, remote work, and other enterprise functions.  Are businesses embracing this new wave technology? If so, how best are they taking advantage of it?

ZDNet and TechRepublic journalists launched a special report to examine the role mixed reality plays in the enterprise--both today and tomorrow.

You can download all the articles as a free PDF ebook - Special feature: Executive's guide to the business value of VR and AR (free PDF) (free registration required)

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality seem to be perpetually on the brink of mainstream adoption, but hardware, content and use cases still need to evolve. ZDNet's Steve Ranger explains why in his feature "A peek at the future of AR and VR for business and pleasure: From tentacles and time travelers to smart soldiers and digital doctors."

As mixed reality gains ground in the enterprise, TechRepublic's Macy Bayern tells readers what they need to know in "Your guide to mixed reality technology." In "The business guide to AR and VR: Everything you need to know" ZDNet contributor Greg Nichols provides an executive guide to the technology and market drivers behind the hype in augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality.

Augmented reality, currently in use by a few brands, is on the cusp of becoming a standard part of the online shopping experience. Nichols tells readers why in his article "Digital dressing room: Augmented Reality tool for small and mid-sized businesses." Meanwhile, ZDNet contributor Ross Rubin researches how AR is becoming a standard part of the online shopping experience in "Augmented reality invades the conference room."

In the feature "How VR is improving treatments for patients and training for doctors" TechRepublic's Veronica Combs details how virtual reality gives doctors a safe place to learn surgical techniques and helps patients overcome PTSD.

The low-latency properties of 5G offer promise for AR and VR applications, but converting promise to results will take time, writes TechRepublic's James Sanders in "How 5G will affect augmented reality and virtual reality."

Also in this ebook, we polled TechRepublic's CIO Jury to learn more about how the enterprise is using AR and VR. Read the results in TechRepublic's Teena MaddoxHammond's article "CIO Jury: Only one-third of tech leaders say AR or VR is or will be a key technology in the next year." 

To read all these articles, plus details on original research from ZDNet sister site TechRepublic Premium download the free ebook Special feature: Executive's guide to the business value of VR and AR (free PDF).

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