Free PDF download: Prepare for serverless computing

What do business leaders need to know about serverless computing? Find out by downloading the free PDF ebook version of a special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic.
Written by Melanie Wachsman, Editor

Serverless computing promises to save enterprises money and time, as well as increase performance and development flexibility. ZDNet and TechRepublic published a special report that examines the benefits and drawbacks of serverless computing, and how tech leaders select service providers. Here's a look at what's in this free PDF ebook.

Scott Fulton provides a comprehensive overview of the topic in his article "What serverless computing really means, and everything else you need to know." If you're wondering whether serverless computing functions are right for your business needs, Brandon Vigliarolo's "Executive's guide to serverless architecture" is a deep dive into the topic.

You can download all the articles as a free PDF ebook (free registration required).  

In his article, "Serverless computing vs platform-as-a-service: Which is right for your business?" James Sanders discusses the differences between serverless computing platforms and PaaS middleware. Meanwhile, Joe McKendrick reports in "How to build a serverless architecture" how organizations need to make a business case and consider factors like security and storage before migrating selected workloads.

Migrating existing applications or deploying new applications built around serverless architecture can come with unexpected difficulties. James Sanders explores this topic in his article "Pros and cons of using serverless architecture for your application deployments." Multiple serverless computing providers are now available to enterprises; Macy Bayern researches which stand out among the rest in her feature "Enterprise serverless computing providers: Comparing the top contenders."

Also in this ebook, Nick Heath provides a guide to the rewards and pitfalls when developing an application to run on a serverless platform in his article "Writing serverless code: The programming languages and everything else you need to know."

To read all these articles, plus details on original research from ZDNet sister site Tech Pro Research, download the free PDF ebook: Prepare for serverless computing 2019: IT leaders need more convincing to use serverless computing services (Tech Pro Research).

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