Fujitsu opens platform verification facility in Shanghai

The solution center, which lets customers evaluate systems from Fujitsu and its partners, is the company's fourth in the region.
Written by Jeanne Lim, Contributor

SINGAPORE--Fujitsu today announced it has opened a new verification and evaluation facility in Shanghai to promote its infrastructure products in China.

The new Platform Solution Center (PSC) in Shanghai offers a range of services, including consulting and system verification of platform products from Fujitsu and its partners. This will enable customers to access and ensure systems have been created according to their specifications, the company said in a statement. Fujitsu's partners include Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat and Symantec.

The new PSC is the fourth that Fujitsu has set up, following the establishment of similar sites in Japan, Singapore and Korea.

The Shanghai facility comprises an area of 1,000 square meters, and is equipped with approximately 40 servers and storage systems. The new center is also networked to Fujitsu's PSC in Japan and other facilities worldwide, and will allow the company and its partners to verify software and other applications for their customers using infrastructure products at the center.

Fujitsu said it will also set up a PSC in Hong Kong as a satellite facility of the Shanghai PSC, to bolster the company's ability to respond to the needs of its customers in the financial services industry. The company did not provide details on when it intends to open the Hong Kong facility.

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