Future ink: Tech Tats are smart biowearables for your skin

Why embed electronics under the skin when you can wear them in the form of an intelligent, connected tattoo on your skin?
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

Well, this looks better than embedding an RFID tag or NFC chip inside your body: Tech Tats are wearable electronics that you can easily remove when you want to.

The idea is a working concept for now, but the creator - Choatic Moon - sees potential for the stick-on technology.

Small micro controllers and sensors can be used with Tech Tats to help diagnose and monitor health metrics, for example. They could also track fitness data or be used for wireless digital payments at Point of Sale terminals. The potential is seemingly endless.

Since they're not permanent, Tech Tats can be disposed of when desired and don't need to worn in a specific area; helpful for when you want to use the tech but not have it be flashy. Apply a Tech Tat on your shoulder, for example, and nobody will know that you're wearing a small electronic device.

Chaotic Moon says that the product uses the same Bluetooth Low Energy radio standards as the Amazon Dash Button, so it doesn't require that much power to send data to a mobile device.

There's no price yet but the company hopes to keep it reasonable. It may even sell Tech Tats in a package similar to Band-Aid bandages where you might have an assortment of devices in various sizes for different applications.

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