Galaxy Nexus: How to make the battery last all day

The Galaxy Nexus has everything you could possibly want in a smartphone, but it comes at the cost of battery life. Here's a simple change to greatly help out in that area.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

The more I use the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon the more I like this phone. It is easily one of the best, if not the best, Android phone in existence today. The super hardware combined with Ice Cream Sandwich make using the Galaxy Nexus a real treat. I still wish ICS was better, but it is much better than earlier versions of Android hands down. The only failing of the Galaxy Nexus is due to one of the strengths: LTE speeds. The LTE 4G connectivity drains the battery at a fast clip, making it impossible to get through the day.

My colleague Jason Perlow has a Galaxy Nexus, and he told me about a simple setting change that can turn 4G off. This turns the Galaxy Nexus into a 3G-only phone for regular use, which is very kind to the battery. When you really need the LTE 4G speed, you can toggle it on temporarily to get the job done, and then turn it back off.

The setting that performs this battery-saving magic is the Mobile Networks setting. Go into the main Settings, hit the More option and Mobile Networks is the last one. Tap it and then select the Network Mode. Choose the CDMA selection and you are good to go. You have just turned off LTE for default connectivity and your battery will thank you. With frugality you may now be able to get through a full day, or at least close. You did buy a second battery for your Nexus, right?

If you'd like an icon on the home screen to easily get to this setting, a free app called LTE Switch does just that.

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