Galaxy Note 7 owners are ignoring the safety warnings

You'd think being lumbered with a device that was linked to multiple reports of fires and injuries would be a deal-breaker for people. Clearly, this isn't the case.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Despite numerous warnings, owners of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are choosing to ignore the safety advice and are continuing to use the device.

According to data collected by Apteligent, a leader in user-centered mobile app metrics, the usage rate of the Note 7 among existing users has remained pretty much unchanged since the day Samsung issued a recall.

​Usage rate of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Usage rate of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. (Image: Apteligent)

Don't risk it! Even the update that Samsung is planning to push out that will cap the battery at 60-percent charged is a stop-gap measure and no substitute to getting rid of the device.

And since the carriers are more than willing to take back affected devices, there's no excuse for volunteering yourself for a Darwin Award.

Exploding battery packs are no joke, and you don't want that happening while you and your family are asleep, while you're driving down the highway, or while you're wearing the Note 7 on your face to enjoy a bit of VR fun.

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