Galaxy S10 Plus Tech21 and Speck case roundup: 8-12 feet drop protection for Samsung's best

One benefit of owning the world's most popular brand of smartphone is having a massive collection of case options. Today we look at what Tech21 and Speck offer with Designed for Samsung certified case options.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Samsung's new Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will be in buyer's hands this week and to help protect your new glass phone Tech21 and Speck have several case options available that look good and protect your phone from drops. For the past 10 days I have been trying out various cases on the S10 Plus review device.

The five cases I tested from both of these manufacturers come with the Designed for Samsung authorization so you can trust they are designed to fit perfectly on your new phone. Drop protection is the primary reason for using one of these cases with ratings from 8-12 feet across both brands. There are several additional color and design options beyond what I tested as well.

Speck cases

Speck released six models for the Galaxy S10 Plus. I tested the Presidio Stay Clear, Presidio Pro, and Presidio Grip so let's take a bit closer look at these three cases. All are priced the same at $44.95 each.

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The Presidio Grip is one of my favorites, especially the Microchip Grey/Ballpoint Blue color one that was sent to review. The blue raised rubber grip lines contrast nicely with the grey while offering serious traction for your hand. I never have any fear of dropping my phone with it wrapped in this case.

This case offers 10 feet drop test certification with two layers of protection. Speck uses its Impactium design to help provide this level of drop protection, while also engineering the corner crash zones for improved protection.

There are raised buttons for power, volume, and Bixby that make it very easy to manipulate these buttons with ease. Openings for the triple rear cameras, 3.5mm headset jack, USB-C port, speaker, and mics are also provided.

There is also a raised bezel on the front to help protect the screen so you can rest your phone face down on a table without the display resting directly on the table. There is no compromise when it comes to using Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or fast wireless charging.

Speck cases come with a lifetime warranty too so you can trust the case won't let you down. In addition to the Microchip Grey/Ballpoint Blue, other available colors for the Presidio Grip include Black/Black, Graphite Grey/Charcoal Grey, Dolphin Grey/Aloe Green, and Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black.

The Presidio Pro case is similar in a few design features to the Presidio Grip, but has a smooth soft-touch back rather than raised grip lines and also has anti-microbial technology. It's a bit sleeker than the Presidio Grip while still offering 10 feet drop protection.I tested out the Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black one, but you can also purchase a Black/Black color. Impactium is used to help protect your phone and offers two layers of protection in a one-piece design.

The case has anti-microbial treatment that inhibits growth of bacteria so if you use your phone in the bathroom, this may be an important feature for you.

Samsung has a new Prism color design on its S10 line that looks fantastic. I've been testing the Prism White one that has an iridescent color in various lighting conditions. If you want to show off the color of your phone, the Presidio Stay Clear case may be the one for you. It is a completely clear case so you can see all aspects of your Galaxy phone.

The case stays clear by resisting discoloration from UV rays and oils so you can trust that you can view your Samsung colors for years. It also has a scratch-resistant finish so should continue to look good while protecting your phone.

Eight foot drop protection is provided through the use of Impactium Clear material.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cases: Tech21 and Speck protect from drops in style

Tech21 cases

Tech21 has three case options for the Galaxy S10 Plus and sent along samples from the Evo Check and Evo Wallet line. They both offer 12 feet drop protection through its FlexShock technology.

This is the first time I was able to check out an Evo Wallet case and I love that it serves as a wallet case while also propping up the Galaxy S10 Plus in landscape orientation so you can watch video content while commuting or in other situations.

The Evo Wallet is only available in black for $49.95. A shell case forms the basis of the Evo Wallet where you insert your S10 Plus. Raised buttons are present for volume, Bixby, and power with openings for the triple rear cameras, headphone jack, USB-C port, speaker, and mics. There is also a small magnet strip on the right side middle. This is used to secure the front flap and keep your display protected in a closed position.

A soft thin material layer rests on your S10 Plus display with two metal circles in the corners that keep this thin material secured to the front flap. On the back side of this separation layer is a card slot for one credit card.

Looking at the inside of the main front flap, you will find a card slot embedded into the flap. The card slot covers about 3/4ths of the card when inserted. While the case is rated for two cards, I actually have been carrying three cards in the case with two of them placed in the front flap pocket. If you put too many cards in the case, then the magnetic flap will not stay secured.

In order to enjoy media in landscape orientation, open up the case and then flip the bottom of the base shell out so it rests on the front flap . The case has a leather look and feel to it and is perfect for the office environment.

The Evo Check is available in five colors and Tech21 sent along the vibrant Bright Rouge one for me to check out. You can also find it in Smokey Black, Ultra Violet, Neon Yellow, and Shark Blue. The case is available now for $39.95.

This case also offers 12 feet drop protection through the FlexShock material. It has anti-microbial protection so helps keep it hygienically clean.

The one piece case has some flex to it and enhances the grip of your slippery glass Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. You can still see some of the color and labeling on your Samsung phone through the back of the case.

Ample openings and tactile raised buttons help you use the case with very little impact on functionality of your phone. The Bright Rouge color also helps ensure you don't misplace your new Galaxy phone.

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