Garminfone runs Android 1.6 and more interface pictures

Garminfone may not be running the latest Android OS, but early reports are that the GPS works so well that it has pinpointed my tipster's location, even when inside.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

I continue to receive bits and pieces of information about the Garminfone, along with additional pictures of it in action. Here's the latest:

  • The version that my tipster is running sports Android 1.6
  • My tipster says that the mapping app and GPS are so good that he/she can't send me pics of it working since it shows its exact location
  • As you can see in the picture below, it has 510MB for App Storage and 3,141MB of Internal Storage. It also has an SD card slot, so there's plenty of room for expansion, just not on the App side

I'm still not seeing what the true differentiator and reason to buy would be, with other great Android phones out there. The fact that the current model that my tipster is playing with is running 1.6 makes me even less excited about it. See more pictures below.

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