Garminfone spotted in the wild

Garmin ditched its proprietary OS in favor of Android. We've got a pic of the elusive Garminfone in the wild, with more to come.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

I opened my inbox to a picture of the not-yet-shipping Garminfone. If you're not familiar with it, my co-author, Matt Miller, had covered it on the Smartphones and Cell Phones blog a couple of weeks ago. The key factor in the phone is that unlike Garmin's earlier attempts at phones, this one is powered by Android, instead of Garmin's own proprietary OS.

The other information we have currently is that it sports a 3-megapixel camera, integrated GPS (of course), the ability to navigate to an address from most places in the OS, and more. One interesting feature is Garmin Voice Studio, which lets you record and share custom voice directions. I'm intrigued by that one in particular since it brings me back to the days of early radar detectors when a unique feature in one was the ability to let people record their own warnings. For example, you could have your girlfriend scream at you if you went above 55. At any rate, the picture is below and shows it working, but not much else. I'll post more as I see them. I'm also curious to see what the mapping experience is like, since Android also offers free turn-by-turn. I should also mention that it ships with a car charger and an in-car mount.

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