Gear4 Piccadilly and Crystal Palace for iPhone 11 Pro: D30 technology protects from drops

Apple iPhone 11 owners have a vast number of case options and Gear4 offers some of the best for impact protection. Nine options are available for the iPhone 11 Pro from $34.99 to $59.99.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

After nearly a month with the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, see the ZDNet full review, the phone is in perfect condition thanks to regular use of cases like the couple Gear4 options I've been testing from ZAGG. The Piccadilly and Crystal Palace offers 13 feet drop protection while still letting you show off the color and design of your iPhone 11 Pro.

ZAGG sent along the Gear4 Crystal Palace and Piccadilly cases for testing. They are both available for $39.99, with free shipping included. ZAGG has nine total Gear4 case options for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

Gear4 Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace case has a clear design that lets you enjoy the design of your iPhone as it was intended from Apple. It is composed of the D30 material that is used for impact protection in a variety of industries, such as sports, defense, and industrial applications.

Through the use of the D30 material, Gear4 achieves a standard of 13 feet drop protection so you can trust it should survive a drop from your hand as long as it lands favorably. The edges have fairly substantial material to protect the corners and the edges from a drop.


The clear material is glossy and smooth, which makes it a bit slick if set down on a table. The back material has anti-yellowing elements in it so it won't deteriorate over time and keep looking good for years.

The bottom edge is a bit malleable so you can lock in your phone and then remove it by pulling back a bit in this area. There are raised buttons for volume and the right side with an opening for the ringer switch.


This 0.3-ounce case is available in Clear and Iridescent color options and I've been testing out the Clear model.

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Gear4 Piccadilly

The Piccadilly case is very similar to the Crystal Palace one with Black, Rose Gold, and Lavender color options. The color only appears in three bands contained within the top and two sides of the edges of the case. It's a nice option to still show off the iPhone 11 Pro design with a splash of color.

The same level of drop protection, wireless charging, and Apple Pay support, along with edges that rise just above the display a bit to provide screen protection are present in this case.

While both of these Gear4 cases let you enjoy your iPhone 11 Pro colors and design, they are just a bit too slick for me to use daily. I appreciate the solid protection and style with the price being fairly typical for cases of this type.

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