Gen Z wants a top-notch tech stack before they will apply for a job

Although Gen Z respects and admires the technology that makes life easier, it has little tolerance for hiring companies who refuse to adapt to the times.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Businesses need to know what millennials and Gen Z expect when this new generation enters the workforce.

Chicago-based talent acquisition platform Yello has released a report covering the way this generation thinks about employment. Its 2019 recruiting study covers the decision-making behaviours of Gen Z compared to millennials and Gen X.

It partnered with SurveyMonkey Audience to survey 700 full-time employees and students in February 2019.

Over four in five (85%) find software to schedule interviews useful, and three out of four (73%) find talent communities are valuable.

Despite their fluency in digital communication technologies, Gen Z candidates appreciate authentic, human connections when vetting job opportunities. Although this generation is tech-first, the research shows Gen Z values personal face-to-face interaction.

Fifty-one percent of Gen Z respondents said they prefer to communicate in-person, and a quarter said they prefer to communicate digitally.

Whilst Gen Z emphasises in-person communication, they expect employers to use technology -- to make the application mobile-friendly.

Forty-six percent of Gen Z candidates have applied for a full-time job or internship on a mobile device compared to 38% of employed millennials and 26% of Gen X.

Over one in 10 (12%) of Gen X and 24% of student millennials would not apply for a job if they could not apply using mobile.  

Gen Z wants a top notch tech stack before they will apply for a job zdnet

Over half (54%) will not complete an application if the company recruitment methods are outdated.

Almost half (46%) of Gen Z candidates have applied for a job/internship from a mobile device, and almost one-third of Gen Z values social media as a source they use to inform their job searches.

Gen Z wants a top notch tech stack before they will apply for a job zdnet

A company's social media behaviour could deter potential employees from applying for a job with that specific company. More than seven out of 10 respondents across each generation surveyed agreed with this sentiment.

A quarter (26%) of Gen Z candidates say that a lack of technology during the hiring process would prevent them from accepting a job with the company. This completely contrasts with millennials (15%) and Gen X (13%) who agreed.

Scott Brandt, EVP of marketing at Yello said: "To be successful in attracting and hiring the best candidates, recruiters and hiring managers alike should adapt to the changing needs of today's workforce."

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