Get a lifetime of data encryption for your company for just $60

Now you can have the peace of mind that only a lifetime of data protection will bring.
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Ransomware extortion demands, as well as the downtime they cause, continue to steadily increase. Unsurprisingly, the result is that digital security costs are rising, as well. But there are regulations in place now that make the privacy and security of your data a matter of compliance which means the strongest protection is essential. A lifetime subscription to the Encrypt Office Business Plan will help you take control of your company's data before someone gets to it.

Encrypt Office is a SAAS solution that is fast and easy to implement. It will turbocharge your company's productivity, compliance, and security. It surrounds all of your data with a wall of encryption. FIPS 140-2 compliant TLS encryption is used when data is in transit, while data at rest is protected by AES 256 bit encryption with 1,024-bit key strength.

Not only are your email and large file transfers encrypted, but you also get encrypted vaults that require three-factor authentication. These can be used to store files and receive files securely from anyone via a web browser.

Data compliance is ensured because all of the sensitive digital assets that are stored and transmitted by your company are protected against theft, misuse, and loss. Encrypt Office also provides the full audit trail of all data interactions that are required for HIPPA compliance.

This plan includes encrypted file transfers of up to 5GB. It offers cloud integration, as well, so you can use it with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. Encrypt Office is customizable so that your administrators are able to set specific policies that are most appropriate for your company.

Don't pass up this opportunity to get strong protection that will permanently keep your business data safe. Get a lifetime subscription to the Encrypt Office Business Plan while it is on sale for just $59.99.

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