Glassdoor looks to grow user base with new community features

The company is rolling out a new set of features resulting from the Fishbowl acquisition in 2021.
Written by Maria Diaz, Staff Writer
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If you've searched for a job in recent years, you've likely visited Glassdoor a few times -- it's a platform where you can find anonymous workplace reviews that often include descriptions of the office environment, salary information, and company culture. Now, Glassdoor is adding community features to its platform. 

The move comes after the company's 2021 purchase of Fishbowl, a social network where professionals interact by name or anonymously in conversations that encourage workplace transparency and community-building. 

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Introducing a new interactive communities feature could grow the Glassdoor user base, which has been flat for the previous two years. Glassdoor had 55 million users when it acquired Fishbowl in 2021, and it has remained steady at the same number.

Glassdoor users can engage in candid conversations about career, industry, and workplace-related topics in the Fishbowl communities, allowing for more transparent discussions. The communities also enable users to gain additional insights and information into the employee experience at specific companies. 

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Shop talk aside, bowls -- as communities on Fishbowl are called -- can also be created based on common interests. Glassdoor is migrating 10,000 interest bowls and 30,000 company-specific bowls from Fishbowl.

Glassdoor notes that Fishbowl integration will allow the company to offer a more thorough and interactive experience for all its users, combining the power of both platforms. 

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