Glympse announces in-car location sharing partnership

Glympse has announced a partnership with BMW and MINI to integrate location-tracking technology into vehicles.

Glympse has announced a partnership with BMW and MINI to integrate location-tracking technology into vehicles.

The first "Connected" in-car system that is able to track and share your location online will be available on 30 different models across a product line equipped with either BMW Apps ready or MINI Connected.

The idea behind the technology is to integrate mobile technology while we are on the move -- mobile phone use may be banned as a "distraction" in many countries, but for some reason, accessing the Web, having dashboard applications and being able to get online isn't such a problem legally.

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The Glympse system combines location tracking technology and social sharing, which allows a driver to update friends, those within their social networks or colleagues on their location.

This would be handy if you're stuck in traffic on the way to a business meeting, as long as you don't mind your driving habits being tracked and stored. In addition, you can set the system to send your friends an estimated time of arrival.

To access Glympse, drivers plug their iPhone into the vehicle and the interface appears on the dashboard. Drivers can select individual email addresses, attendees of a calendar event or a social media account to share their location for a set time period -- from minutes to hours.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer BMW and MINI drivers the ability to update friends and family with their whereabouts right from their car. With this integration, we've been able to make sharing your location from your car as easy as changing the radio station," said Bryan Trussel, CEO and co-founder of Glympse. "We are focused on partnering with top-tier companies in industries that benefit from real-time location sharing. This latest automotive partnership underscores the value that Glympse provides to drivers looking to bring the mobile experience to the automobile dashboard."

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