Good Technology eyes developers, launches Good Dynamics

Good Technology rolls out a mobile software development platform for Apple's iOS to enable more enterprise-grade tablet apps.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Good Technology, best known for its enterprise push email software, is getting into the software development business.

The company on Tuesday launched Good Dynamics, a set of mobile application development tools designed for the enterprise and consumer markets. Good's plan is to extend its enterprise security tools to a wider range of devices.

In an interview, Nicko van Someren, CTO of Good Technology, said that the company is making a turn from offering packaged software, but customers have been asking for development tools. The catalyst for this demand is the increasing use of Apple's iPad in the enterprise.

"Good Dynamics takes the technology we've been honing over the years and transfers it to developers," explained van Someren. "The demand is coming from the iPad app space. The tablet form factor is allowing enterprises to do a lot of useful things."

Specifically, software developers can join the Good Dynamics network program to get a software development kit and the Network Operating Center infrastructure and security tools.

According to van Someren, customers are struggling to manage multiple devices and manage executives who are going to put presentations and other corporate data on their mobile devices. Good is hoping to capitalize on the enterprise conundrum to sell its toolkit.

Good Dynamics is expected to be commercially available for iOS in November. An Android version of Good Dynamics will follow. However, "the demand is coming from the iPad app space. The demand for iOS is much greater than it is with Android," said van Someren.

Early independent software vendor partners include Box, GroupLogic, Pyxis Mobile and Quickoffice to name a few.

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