Google Cloud adds microservices management, serverless to its Anthos platform

Google Cloud has expanded its partner ecosystem and added microservice management and serverless compute to Anthos as it aims to woo enterprises.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google is building out its Anthos platform to connect microservices and offer fully managed serverless workloads.

Anthos is a platform designed to address platform as a service needs for developers as well as hybrid cloud deployments for enterprises. Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian outlined Anthos at Google Cloud Next in April and pitched it as a digital transformation platform for enterprises.

Jennifer Lin, Product Management Director for Google Cloud, said the platform is gaining momentum among early adopters and customers in banking see Anthos as a way to standardize their Kubernetes environments. "We are modernizing them in place," said Lin, who noted that some sectors can't move data to the cloud due to regulations. Anthos is a way to bring Google Cloud's scale to their internal clouds.

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Add it up and Anthos is quickly being built out. Lin said the platform is aimed at three stakeholders in the cloud process: Developers, cloud service administrators and IT execs who are looking to modernize infrastructure.

Google Cloud isn't disclosing customer numbers for Anthos, but the focus is on building a beachhead of use cases and partners. Anthos has more than 40 partners including integrators, software and hardware firms. At launch, Anthos had 30 partners. Lin added that Anthos Service Mesh, the microservices platform, is critical to orchestrating workloads.


Anthos Service Mesh, which is in beta, is designed to connect, secure, monitor and manage microservices. Anthos Service Mesh is built on Istio application programming interfaces and features one administrative dashboard to track application traffic.

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The other key addition to Anthos is Cloud Run, also in beta. Cloud Run for Anthos is a managed service for serverless computing. The ability to run Anthos in a serverless state means developers can write code on Knative without advanced Kubernetes knowledge. Cloud Run for Anthos can run workloads on Google Cloud on on-premises.

In addition, Anthos added automation and organization specific policies to Anthos Config Management and Binary Authorization to ensure that only verified images are integrated into the application build process. 

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