​Google Cloud Platform adds duo of application performance management tools for developers

Stackdriver Profiler is a developer tool that complements existing application performance management services and allows you to see how code performs in production
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google Cloud Platform is rounding out its developer tools for application performance management with Stackdriver Profiler, service that allows you to see how code actually performs in production.

Stackdriver provides monitoring, logging and diagnostics for Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and open source packages.

The move brings more of Google's internal developer tools to its cloud. The application performance management (APM) capabilities include two existing tools--Stackdriver Trace and Debugger and a new one, Stackdriver Profiler, to round out the toolkit.

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Stackdriver Profiler revolves around the concept of production profiling, which gauges the impact of a function or line of code in production. The general idea is that developers can profile their code and then optimize for issues like latency and compute resourcing.

Google's turning its internal tools into a service since developers don't have access to them because profiling client applications can be tricky due to performance, test environments and cost.

Stackdriver Profiler will analyze code across environments, run continually and aim to cut costs by remediating issues instead of scaling up to overcome them. Stackdriver Profiler collects data via sampling and then displays it in a chart on various metrics.


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According to Google, Stackdriver Profiler is in beta to join Stackdriver Trace and Debugger in an APM trio for developers. Stackdriver Debugger is free as is the beta of Stackdriver Profiler. Stackdriver Trace includes a monthly quote of free trace submissions and charges after that.

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