Google Cloud Platform's entire big data suite now generally available

Google has a few more cloud bits on the way as soon as later today as Cloudera's Hadoop platform is now certified for Google Cloud Platform.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Google Cloud Platform is upgrading two more of its data analysis products to general availability for the masses: Dataflow and Pub/Sub.

The Google Cloud team highlighted this marks the graduation of the cloud provider's entire suite of big data tools into general availability.

The Internet giant first unveiled Dataflow just over a year ago at the annual Google I/O developer summit in San Francisco.

Serving as a replacement for MapReduce, Dataflow was designed to analyze pipelines with arbitrarily large datasets, crunching information in either streaming or batch mode.

After being pushed out as an alpha release, Google later tacked on an open sourced SDK for Java to make it easier for developers to integrate with Google's managed service in order to port Dataflow to other development languages and environments.

Dataflow finally made its way into beta by this April as the Android maker also unveiled new features for the Google BigQuery cloud analytics product.

As for Cloud Pub/Sub, designed for integrating apps and services to then analyze their data streams in real-time, Google Cloud product managers touted in a blog post on Wednesday this release follows a "decade of internal innovation."

"Traditional approaches require separate queueing, notification, and logging systems, each with their own APIs and tradeoffs between durability, availability, and scalability," wrote Google Cloud product managers Rohit Khare and Eric ("not that Eric") Schmidt.

Cloud Pub/Sub, they continued, addresses multiple scenarios through a single API, boasting service rates up to one million message operations per second with pricing starting at five cents per million message operations.

Google has a few more cloud bits on the way as soon as later today as Cloudera's Hadoop platform is now certified for Google Cloud Platform.

To bind ties even closer, Cloudera Director 1.5 will include a Google Cloud Platform integration as part of its own update so users can deploy Cloudera Express and Enterprise distributions via Google Cloud Platform.

It's been a big week at Google, to put it lightly.

The Mountain View, Calif.-headquartered corporation stunned the tech and financial industries (not to mention technophiles and general consumers worldwide) on Monday with the double announcement of a new CEO and self-generated parent company.

Google's product chief Sundar Pichai was promoted to the top gig, replacing co-founder Larry Page as CEO.

Page is taking the reins of Alphabet, Google's new parent company -- or rather, a "collection of companies,"as Page wrote in a blog post on Monday.

Drafted to both consolidate and scale Google's burgeoning portfolio of businesses, Alphabet will primarily consist of Google's more ambitious projects, such as the secretive Google X lab (home of the self-driving car and Glass), health-minded Calico, high-speed broadband venture Fiber and connected home appliances maker Nest.

The core businesses, such as search, ads, maps, Android, YouTube and "related technical infrastructure," will remain under the Google umbrella.

Image via Google Cloud Platform

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