Google Cloud rolls out encryption key management service

The move is designed to court more enterprises in regulated industries that need to control their encryption keys.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
Image: Google

Google Cloud Platform is rolling out an encryption key management service with a beta in several countries.

The service, Google Cloud Key Management Service, allows customers to manage their own encryption keys. With the move, Google Cloud is filling a gap that many enterprises need to move workloads to the cloud.

For instance, Box made the move to give keys to customers years ago. Regulated industries need control of their encryption keys. Amazon Web Services has a key management service and Microsoft Azure has a service called Key Vault.

Google Cloud said its key management service will be integrated with its identity access and audit logging services.

The key management service uses the Advanced Encryption Standard and tools that Google uses to encrypt data in its Google Cloud Storage. The system continually checks for weaknesses.

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