Google: Get ready for bigger ads in your Search results on mobile

Google's new ad types will give advertisers more prominent placement across its properties.
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Google has launched several new ad types that will occupy more space in its key apps on mobile screens. 

The new ad types aim to boost the search firm's mobile revenues amid investor concerns that its revenue per click growth is running out of steam

Most of Google's revenue growth now comes from mobile ads, but as ZDNet's Tom Foremski wondered recently, how many ads can Google show on a mobile screen, and is it running out of places to sell and show more ads?

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Google thinks it can create more space and package its existing platforms differently with the new ad formats, Discovery Ads and Gallery ads, while Showcase Shopping ads will get new space on YouTube and the Discover feed. 

Visual Discovery ads can be displayed in the YouTube feed and the Google Search app's Discover feed, while on the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs they're text-based. Discovery ads are launching globally later this year.

Gallery ads are a visual ad format that will displayed "at the absolute top" of the mobile Search results page. 

"We've found that, on average, ad groups including one or more gallery ad have up to 25 percent more interactions – paid clicks or swipes – at the absolute top of the mobile Search results page," said Prabhakar Raghavan, SVP of Google Ads & Commerce.

Showcase Shopping ads already exist today, but now advertisers will be able to display them in new places, including Google Images, the Discover feed, and soon on YouTube.  

Besides more space, the company's new ad products are designed to reach users when they're not searching for something specific but rather making discoveries while swiping through feeds, such as the YouTube home feed or the Discover feed in the Google Search apps. 

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Raghavan notes that a recent Google-Ipsos study found 76 percent of consumers enjoy making unexpected discoveries when shopping. Part of this experience involves reading reviews and comparing prices online.  

Discovery ads are a "new way to reach people", offering advertisers a way to reach users across multiple products through a single Google Ads automated campaign, Raghavan said. 

It's also giving advertisers more space on Google Maps to promote a business's location when people are planning a route or en route to a location.  

As noted by Search Engine Land, this is the first time ads will appear in the Discover feed. Google claims Discover has 800 million active monthly users.


Google's new ad types aim to boost the search firm's mobile revenues.

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