Google goes public

Google's landmark tech IPO has travelled a long and winding road. We take a leaf out of the company's book and present ZDNet UK's leader on the subject - Google style
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In the spirit of Google's groundbreaking S-1, this is not a conventional leader. We do not intend it to become one. Like Google, we have also emphasised an atmosphere of creativity and challenge, which has helped us provide unbiased, accurate and free access to this leader for those who rely on us around the world. So here are five hits we think you should bookmark.


Google hit: "Dictionary.com/temerity ... Get the Most Popular Sites for "temerity". 5 entries found for temerity. ... All rights reserved. temerity. temerity was Word of the Day on April 14, 2000. ... dictionary.reference.com/search?r=10&q=temerity - 18k - Cached - Similar pages"

ZDNet UK take: Having the temerity to take on Wall Street and explicitly set out to redraw the rules for doing your company's IPO, in an professed bid to empower the smaller investor and reduce the profits for vested interests in Wall Street, during the launch of an innovative West Coast technology company. And to do this after a generation of global investors have been fleeced by hordes of other innovative West Coast technology companies. See: Google's share giveaways may have been illegal


Google hit: "NAIVETY- Meaning and Definition of the Word ... NAIVETY: Dictionary Entry and Meaning. Matching Terms: naivete, Naivet'e. WordNet Dictionary. Definition: [n] lack of sophistication or worldliness. ... www.hyperdictionary.com/dictionary/naivety - 6k - Cached - Similar pages"

ZDNet UK take: Launching an exciting new email service in beta which involves targeted ads and hosted email without thinking through the privacy implications, and discovering that three other companies have already filed for the trademark "Gmail". See: Google faces fight for Gmail


Google hit: "The successful exploitation of new ideas -- incorporating new technologies, design and best practice is the key business process that enables ... www.innovation.gov.uk/ - 25k - 14 Aug 2004 - Cached - Similar pages"

ZDNet UK take: Having a culture that gives employees the chance to work on their own special projects, which bears fruit in new services such as Orkut and Gmail, and doing all that while keeping a laser-beam focus on a powerful, easy-to-use search technology that delights advertisers and draws in millions of users every day. See: Free Google email service to launch 'in weeks'


Google hit: "Blackmore, S (1998). Imitation and the definition of a meme. B (1998). Imitation and definition a meme. Susan Blackmore. University the West of England. St. ... jom-emit.cfpm.org 1998 vol2 blackmore_s.html 43k Cached - Similar pages"

ZDNet UK take:When established and much less innovative companies such as Microsoft feel the need to copy what you're doing with late-to-market me-too products shamelessly copying the attributes of your core technology, such as its plain and simple white-page design. See: Revamped MSN search goes live


Google hit: "LibraryPlanet.com » Bildungsromans ... Bildungsromans. ... Does anyone know why in the gsafd they chose bildungsromans instead of something patrons could understand like 'coming of age?'... www.libraryplanet.com/2002/08/bildungsromans - 26k - Cached – Similar pages Books – Bildungsromans"

ZDNet UK take: A literary term describing a story about a character's coming of age, or path to maturity, such as the American classic Huckleberry Finn. What happens when a couple of bright university students develop great search technology, dramatically grow their company, and then find that they have to play nice with the US Federal regulators if they want to ask ordinary people for money to invest in it.   See: Playboy sideshow fails to distract Google

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