Google+ lives on as an enterprise collaboration tool in G Suite

Google's social network will now aim to bridge information silos in enterprises after being sunsetted as a consumer product.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google+ is gone as a consumer product, but Google is betting that there's an enterprise role for the social network as a collaboration tool.

At Google Cloud's Next conference in London, the company said that it will roll Google+ out for enterprises using G Suite. The reality is that Google+ features are being migrated to G Suite. Google said it would shut down Google+ as a consumer network on Monday.

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In a blog post, Google positioned Google+ as a collaboration tool that can work across departments to break down silos. The new Google+ will include more admin controls for enterprises revolving around permissions, forming groups and on boarding users. There are also metrics to view engagement within enterprise groups as well as upcoming moderation features.


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With the Google+ enterprise pitch, the company is entering a crowded market that includes everything from Slack to Microsoft Teams to Workplace by Facebook. The issue Google+ will face in the enterprise is the same as the challenge in the consumer market. Google+ needs people to use it to be successful.

Google+ will aim to use tags as a way to differentiate itself. Employees will be able to search on #research or #customer service within Google+.

At the end of its blog post, Google noted that "we are excited to see how businesses continue to use Google+ to transcend silos." The burden of proof will be on Google to prove the value of Google+ to corporations and their employees.

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