Google may replace Motorola's CEO with own exec

Dennis Woodside, search giant's former advertising sales executive may replace Sanjay Jha as CEO, following completion of acquisition. Woodside reportedly chosen as favorite from shortlist including Motorola execs.
Written by Ellyne Phneah, Contributor

Google is reportedly naming its executive, Dennis Woodside, as head of its Motorola business after the acquisition of the phone manufacturer closes.

Woodside, who had headed Google's advertising sales in America before leaving the job to oversee the merger, will succeed Motorola's current CEO Sanjay Jha, sources with knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg in a report on Friday. As part of his role leading the transition, the Google executive will report to chairman Larry Page and CEO Patrick Pichette.

The sources also said Woodside emerged a favourite from a short list of candidates which included Christy Wyatt, Motorola's senior vice president, as well as John Bucher, the company's chief strategy officer.

The search giant bought Motorola for US$12.5 billion last August, gaining more than 17,000 patents which it said would help fend off legal challenges to its Android mobile operating system. European Union and U.S. officials had signed off on Google's plan to purchase Motorola but the company would need approval from China for the deal to be completed.

When approached by the news wire, Google said the company does not comment on rumor or speculation. A spokesperson for Motorola also declined to respond stating that the acquisition had not closed. "We're focusing on running the business and getting the deal closed and wouldn't comment beyond that on executive changes," she said.

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