Google open sources Chrome for iOS code

And the search giant makes it clear that it thinks Android is a less complex platform.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google said it will move its Chrome for iOS code into the open source community and may have gotten a few digs into Apple while it was at it.

In a blog post, Google noted that Chrome iOS "was kept separate from the rest of the Chromium project due to the additional complexity required for the platform."

Now Google is moving it into the Chromium project's open source repository. Google noted that to move the code it needed to do "careful refactoring."

Specifically, Google said Chrome on iOS had to support WebKit's rendering engine as well as Blink, a engine supported by Chrome for other platforms.

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Google said development speed will be faster for tests of Chrome on iOS.

Reading the blog post, I couldn't help but notice that Google mentioned complexity and constraints when referring to Apple iOS. The subtle phrasing obviously is rooted in Google's contention that its Android platform is better for developers.

In any case, Google had two variations of the word complex and one mention of constraints in the first 97 words of a blog post.

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