Google releases second developer preview of Android 11

The early build includes new APIs related to 5G connectivity and building UIs for foldable phones.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

released the second developer preview of Android 11Google on Wednesday released the second developer preview of Android 11, the upcoming version of Google's mobile operating system. The early build gives devleopers a sense of the new features the refreshed OS will offer, such as new APIs related to 5G connectivity and developing UIs for foldable phones. 

The release is for developers only and is available via manual download and flash only for Pixel 2, 3, 3a or 4 devices. Developers can also get the release from the Android Flash Tool, while those already running Developer Preview 1 or 1.1 can get an over-the-air update. The beta release of Android 11 is slated for May. 


In the second DP, Google is adding another 5G-related API -- the 5G state API checks whether a user is currently on a 5G New Radio or Non-Standalone network. Developers can use this to highlight their app's 5G experience or branding. 

This release also honors a top request from developers, giving them the precise hinge angle of a foldable device. Enabled by Android 11's new support for a hinge angle sensor, this lets developers build adaptive experiences. 

Google is also adding mutiple new features related to security and transparency, as well as general quality. For instance, with Android 11, apps can new resume on reboot, following an over-the-air software update. This gives apps access to Credential Encrypted storage after the OTA reboot, without the user unlocking the device, allowing the app to resume normal function and start receiving messages.

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