Google reportedly launching Daydream VR platform in 'coming weeks'

Google is ready to take virtual reality past Cardboard.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
(Image: Google)

Google plans to launch its Daydream virtual reality platform in the coming weeks, according to Bloomberg. It's a likely timeline given the VR-capable Android 7.0 was released Monday.

The report says Google is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in original content for the VR platform. Google is buying VR content and apps, along with funding 360-degree videos from top YouTube personalities. Hulu, Netflix, and IMAX are bringing their libraries to Daydream too.

Google has only released a reference design for the Daydream headset, which will require Daydream-compatible hardware running on Android 7.0. It's not clear which handsets that will be, as hardware manufacturers like Samsung are remaining quiet.

"We have a great, long standing partnership with Google and will continue to work with them on many fronts," said Samsung in an early-August statement, adding, "we will stay tuned as Google provides more information on Daydream this fall."

HTC is also rumored to launch the next Nexus smartphone, and it'll likely be a candidate for Daydream compatibility.

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