Google rolls out Shared Albums in time for holiday family photos and videos

Become the holiday cheermeister at your office or family event with the new Google Photos Shared Album functionality.


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Back in September I attended the Google Nexus launch event, see my Nexus 6P review, and one of the best new services I saw was shared albums in Google Photos. Google stated it would be released before the end of the year and today we see the official announcement.

Cameras are so good on smartphones today that each image can consume 2.5MB to 5MB, or more, in size. This makes it difficult to email or share photos with people when you have bandwidth or signal issues or email attachment limits. For the last couple of months I have been using Facebook Moments, which works well as long as everyone you share with is on Facebook.

The new update rolling out for Google Photos looks to be even better than Facebook Moments as it makes it easy for family and friends who may not be tech savvy to share photos and videos in an album that everyone can enjoy. The May update let you share links to albums via SMS, email, and messaging apps, but now the albums are truly collaborative.

If you want to save photos and videos from the shared album for archiving, then you can save them to your own Google Photos library. The new shared albums feature works with a web browser on a computer, iOS, and Android devices.

I plan to capture Christmas moments starting this weekend and will be using Google Photos shared albums to spread the holiday cheer. You too can be voted the holiday cheermeister with Google Photos shared albums.