Google soon may add support for Windows 10 to Chromebooks: Report

Google has been working toward enabling Pixelbooks (and possibly other Chromebooks) to dual-boot Windows 10 via its 'Campfire' project, according to a report.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

In April this year, there were rumors circulating that Google was working on getting Chromebooks to dual boot Windows.


An August 12 report by XDA-developers.com builds on its earlier report with new information.

Xda-developers say "Campfire" is the codename of the Windows dual-boot project. The name comes from a new firmware branch of the Google Pixelbook that is called eve-campfire and includes a new "Alt OS" mode, which xda-developers says refers to Windows 10.

Xda-developers also report that the Pixelbook won't be the only Campfire-enabled Chromebook, but don't have information on which other devices may get the capability. They say that setting up Campfire to dual boot Windows 10 will be seamless and won't require users to enable developer mode.

If and when the Pixelbook and other Chromebooks can run Windows, users who still want and need Windows to run certain apps would have a new laptop option available to them.

Google still would need to pass Microsoft's hardware certification process for Windows 10 before such a feature could come to market, but xda-developers said they believe this could happen sooner rather than later.

Microsoft's recently introduced Surface Go tablet is meant to compete with Chromebooks and Apple's cheaper iPads.

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