Google teases October 4 for new rumored Pixel phones

The last of the major smartphone announcements for 2016 may be coming in early October. Google just teased the date with a landing page for its possible Pixel phones.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: Google

The new Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are sold out. Samsung is starting to relaunch the explosive Note 7 in Europe with a possible US re-release later in October. And, the LG V20 may also be coming to the US in late October.

What could possibly come next?

Image: Google

Google just tweeted out this landing page for the likely rumored Google Pixel phones with a reveal date of Oct. 4. The tweet was quickly followed by media invites, and our own Jason Cipriani received one so may be providing ZDNet coverage live from the event.

In addition to the two rumored HTC-made Google Pixel phones, we may also see a new Pixel tablet coming from Huawei.

Android Nougat was released last month and is available now for the Nexus 6P. With LG's late October release, these new Google phones may be the first launching with Nougat installed out of the box.

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