Google to Apple: I see your mobile update and raise you one

Google and Apple both issue mobile OS updates - but the addition of multi-touch on Nexus One makes it a game changer.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Today seems to be the day for mobile device updates - and I'm ready for mine.

Apple issued the first update to the iPhone OS, which includes iPod Touch devices, to fix some app crash problems and enhance the battery life, as well as install some security updates.

Nothing major there. It's nice to have apps that don't crash upon launch and a better performing battery is always nice, too - but those didn't really change the user experience.

Then comes Google's update to Nexus One devices later in the day. It's a nice one, notably the inclusion of multi-touch, the pinch-and-zoom that iPhone users have come to love. That enhances the experience and brings more value to the Android device. Some might even argue that it levels the playing field between Android and iPhone.

My iPod Touch is updated to latest version of the OS, something that occurred when I plugged the device into my Mac for a sync session. Google's over-the-air update hasn't hit my device yet. I'm still getting a message that tells me my system is up to date. Once I make the update, I'll post some thoughts on the new experience.

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