Google Wallet now supports 40 more banks - can you finally pay by phone?

Do you use a small, regional bank? Here's the list of new additions to Google's supported financial institutions.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
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Replacing your conventional wallet with a digital alternative is convenient for sure, but one of the biggest drawbacks has always been the little guy. If you bank with a large national bank, you have no trouble. But your little regional bank? Good luck getting Google to notice.

That's changing, though, as Google Wallet has added support for more than 40 banks, almost all smaller, regional banks that only have a presence in a single state or two.

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This comes after Google Wallet added support for insurance cards and transit passes last summer, gym memberships and club loyalty cards a few months later, driver's licenses last October, and more than 40 banks last December. In total, there are now nearly 4,800 banks and financial institutions supported. Android Police was the first to notice the new additions.

Several dozen bank customers can now tap and pay in stores using their Google Wallet app, including:

  • Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • Austin County State Bank (TX)
  • Bank of Monticello (MO)
  • Bison State Bank (MO)
  • Boost Your Score
  • Carolina Trust Federal Credit Union
  • Century Next Bank (LA)
  • Citizens First Bank (WI)
  • Community National Bank in Monmouth (IL)
  • Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union (ID)
  • County-City Credit Union (WI)
  • Diamond Valley Federal Credit Union (IN)
  • First National Bank of Manchester (FNBM) (KY)
  • First State Bank of LeCenter (MN)
  • Forest Area Federal Credit Union (MI)
  • Granite Preferred
  • Highway Crossroads Credit Union (MO)
  • Hope Federal Credit Union (WV)
  • KS Bank, Inc (NC)
  • Lake Region Bank (MN)
  • Liberty Bank NA (CA)
  • LincOne Federal Credit Union
  • Lion's Share Federal Credit Union (NC)
  • Monroe County Teachers Federal Credit Union (FL)
  • Netevia
  • Pheple Federal Credit Union
  • Planters Bank, Inc
  • Racine Municipal Employees Credit Union (WI)
  • Rave Financial Credit Union
  • River Region Credit Union (MO)
  • SPC Credit Union
  • Star of Texas Credit Union (TX)
  • Telhio Credit Union (OH)
  • Ten Credit Union
  • Tongass Federal Credit Union
  • Thumb Bank & Trust (MI)
  • Today card
  • TrailNorth Federal Credit Union
  • Valley Bank of Commerce (NM)
  • Washington State Bank (LA)
  • West Alabama Bank & Trust (AL)

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If you don't see your bank here, there's a good chance it's already supported. You can see the complete list on a Google support page.

As Google pushes to add more banks to Wallet, it's important to remember that Google Pay, which was essentially the same service, will be shutting down at the beginning of June. So if you're currently a Pay user, you'll need to switch over to Wallet. 

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