Google Workspace's AI assistant Duet AI is about to get a whole lot smarter

Exactly one week after unveiling Gemini, Google has added its most powerful model to Duet AI in Google Workspace.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Duet AI in Google Workspace

To keep up with the generative artifical intelligence (AI) hype, Google has unveiled several major developments this year, including Duet AI, its AI-enabled assistant that's meant to optimize people's workloads across Google Workspace apps. Now, Duet AI is getting a major upgrade. 

On Wednesday, exactly one week after unveiling Gemini, Google's most powerful AI model yet, the company announced that Duet AI for Google Workspace will roll out Gemini in early 2024. 

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The announcement is a game-changer for Google Workspace users. The addition of Gemini to Google Workspace should optimize workflows even more than before. 

When Google first announced Duet AI for Google Workspace in May, the assistant's capabilities were already robust. Duet AI was able to help users do everything from writing an email, to creating a slide deck from scratch, to attending a meeting, and more. 

By adding Gemini's multimodal model abilities that make Duet AI capable of understanding images, videos, and audio in addition to text, the tool's assistance capabilities will become even more comprehensive. 

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For example, imagine you are in a Google Meet session and want to know the exact slide that the transcription of a meeting came from. Duet AI will be able to tell you the exact slide by harnessing Gemini's ability to understand images.

In addition to giving Duet AI multimodal capabilities, Gemini will also improve Duet AI's capability of understanding and generating text, which means it will produce better quality text faster, which is especially valued in Gmail and Google Docs. 

Google did not share if this upgrade will impact pricing, but Duet AI for Google Workspace currently costs $30 per user per month after the free trial expires.

Google also announced other Duet AI news, sharing that both Duet AI for Developers, an assistant meant to help with software development, and Duet AI in Security Operations, an assistant meant to help defenders protect their organizations, are now generally available. 

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In addition to its Duet AI updates, Google made a slew of Gemini announcements focused on applications for developers and enterprises.

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