Got Windows and an Android handset? Microsoft just updated its Your Phone app

Microsoft refreshes the app that bridges Windows and Android for Windows 11.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

With Windows 11 out, Microsoft is continuing to update its core apps and has now released a new version of the Your Phone app that connects Windows with Android devices. 

It's been a while since Microsoft gave a major update to the Your Phone app, which emerged with Windows 10 as part of its plan to integrate Android in a way akin to the iPhone and macOS. 

The Your Phone app was buggy and aimed primarily at Samsung Galaxy devices, but the intent was to reach most Android devices. The app lets users see Android apps and notifications on Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices. Microsoft has since released previews of the Windows Subsystem for Android for Windows 11, which will eventually let users install Android apps on Windows 11 from Amazon's app store.   

The latest update should improve notifications, according to Microsoft. 

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"The Your Phone app is evolving with an updated design that puts notifications at the center," said Microsoft.

It brings an "organized feed of your real-time notifications across all your most-used apps" to the Windows 11 desktop and leans into the Windows 11 user interface refresh. 

"In this new view, you'll always have access to your messages, calls, and photos with the added benefit to stay on top of important messages and other notifications more efficiently with this glanceable view," said the Windows Insiders team. 

The new-look Your Phone app experience for Windows 11 was announced as part of the release of Preview Build 22504 to the Dev Channel.

But Windows 11 remains an exotic version of Windows for most of the people on Windows 10 machines, in part due to Microsoft's strict minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11.     

The latest Windows 11 build continues to address issues with Taskbar and the Start menu that have plagued the release for some time.

Microsoft suggests the list of fixes still requires work to iron out glitches, such as explorer.exe crashing because of problems loading the battery icon in the Taskbar. But there are also some general improvements to the Taskbar to improve reliability, including infringing use scenarios.  

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And there remain several known issues affecting the Start menu, Taskbar, and Search. 

Microsoft has been busy revamping the look and functionality of its core apps to suit Windows 11. This week it released the new Media Player app that combines video and music files in one app. It was part of its broader effort to refresh core apps like the Clock apps and Mail & Calendar to suit Windows 11.   

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