GPRS: A timeline

Carriers want to get you hooked on GPRS, ready for when UMTS arrives
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

1999: Trial and commercial contracts for GPRS infrastructure

2000: GPRS infrastructure installed in GSM networks

Summer 2000: First GPRS services become available, with typical bandwidth of 20-28 kbit/s

Early 2001: Basic GPRS-capable terminals available in commercial quantities

Throughout 2001: Network operators launch GPRS services commercially

2002/2: Typical bandwidth increases to 56 kbit/s, about the same speed as a dial-up connection on a land line. Terminals with more advanced features are available

2002: Typical throughput reaches up to 112 kbit/s. GPRS Phase 2 begins to emerge, allowing faster transmission

2002: GPRS is routinely incorporated into GSM mobile phones

2002/3: UMTS becomes available commercially

Source: The GSM Association

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