GPS nails iPhone thieves - shopping at Walmart

Next time thieves thinks about nabbing someone's iPhone, they might consider turning off Location Services.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

Via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"All right, buddy gimme the iPhone, credit cards and PIN numbers."

"Yes, sir, here you are."

"Now, get outta here."

That was more or less the conversation in the appropriately named Pittsburgh neighborhood of Shadyside, home to an Apple store.

Back home, the victim grabbed his computer, started up MobileMe and tracked the thief down to Walmart.

Police apprehended the suspects - Bryant Rather (pictured), 22, Brent Ray Potter, 22, and Myron Knox, Jr., 22 - at Walmart, having bought a bunch of stuff with the stolen credit cards (just because you're running up someone else's credit doesn't mean you should spend more than necessary).

Damn GPS! Hmm, if we put GPS into EVERYTHING then we'd put an end to all theft! Well, maybe not such a great idea. ... Even so, look for Apple to sell a whole bunch more subscriptions to Mobile Me from this story. Maybe they'll even reward this Pittsburgh man to thank him for the publicity. Say a $25 iTunes card?

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