Great Debate: Windows 8 slate beats iPad, but Microsoft has lots of work to do

While I won the Great Debate arguing for the Windows 8 slate, I think Microsoft has more work to do than Apple.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

While the majority of readers and Larry gave me the win in the latest ZDNet Great Debate I have to say I think the road to success may be harder for Microsoft than for Apple. The new iPad is simply gorgeous and the excitement generated by Apple's quality products will be tough for Microsoft to overcome. Apple is working to get apps and services that support the enterprise and since they already have the majority of the tablet market that seems easier to accomplish than Microsoft introducing a new operating system.

As pointed out in detail by Adrian Windows 8 has a lot of work to do before release. Microsoft needs to have a consistent user interface and also show us why the Metro UI is better than Windows XP and Windows 7 that already both work well in the office.

I won the debate, primarily based on the fact that you still have to compromise with an iPad at the office, but I bought a new iPad and am going to have to see a lot more reasons from Microsoft and their hardware partners before I buy a Windows 8 computer.

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