Hands-on: Trident Case Aegis Pro for Note 5 and Aegis for iPhone 6s Plus

Many people wrap a protective case around their smartphone. Trident Case offers several models for popular smartphones and we wrapped a couple around our newest smartphones.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Despite the efforts made by device makers and designers, most people I see with smartphones have them covered up with a case. I spent the last couple of weeks with Trident cases for my Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Trident Case manufacturers cases, mounts, and various other mobile accessories. Most of its cases are designed to protect your device from bumps and drops. Trident Case has products for most brands of smartphones, tablets, and even the Apple Watch.

Aegis Pro case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

I love the design of my Note 5 and think it is the best design of any smartphone I have tested in the last year. However, it is also very slick in the hand and with a glass front and back I have to consciously hold on tight.

I tested the black Aegis Pro for the Note 5. It is also available in royal blue and pink with a retail price of $34.99.

The Aegis Pro is a two piece case with a flat back piece that has a soft inner lining to protect your phone and help absorb the impact of drops. Simply place your Note 5 on the back piece and then snap in the top hard plastic frame piece to secure the case on your phone.

The front piece frames the display at the top with the bottom extended down below the home button so you can still easily use the fingerprint scanner. The bottom has openings for the speaker and the case actually redirects the sound to the front of the device so audio output is improved.

There is an ample opening for S Pen retraction and even a small notch next to it for the microphone. There are silicone covers for the headset jack and microUSB port as well. The power and volume buttons have plastic button covers. I did notice a bit of play on these buttons so that they move and make a "clicky" sound as they strike the plastic around the button. This may be annoying to some, but doesn't impact the functionality of the case.

As you can see in my product image gallery, there is a large opening on the back for the camera, flash, and sensor so you will not see any degradation in camera performance when using this case.

I like how light the case is and how it barely adds any size to the overall package. The hard plastic back can allow your device to slide in and out of your pocket easily, but could also allow it to slide across a table top as there is no traction mechansim on the case.

The case weighs in at just about 2 ounces so barely adds any weight to the phone in your hand. There are several snaps to hold the two halves together and it is quite difficult to remove the case from your phone so the case should keep it protected even if you drop your phone from a low height.

The package also includes a screen protector for your Note 5.

Trident Case Aegis for iPhone 6s Plus and Aegis Pro for Note 5 image gallery

Aegis case for Apple iPhone 6s Plus

I was also sent the Aegis case for iPhone 6s Plus in white to try out. The white and black give my space gray iPhone a Stormtrooper look.

You can find the Aegis case in white, black, blue, pink, and green for $34.95. This case also consists of two pieces, a soft inner TPE layer and an outer hardened polycarbonate shell. The inner TPE is a bit of a dust magnet, but once you place the hard shell in place there aren't that many places for accumulation.

The inner TPE layer fully covers your iPhone 6s Plus with openings for the Apple logo, camera, ringer switch, Lightning port, headset jack, and speaker. The case is a bit thick and with short fingernails I actually had trouble flipping my ringer switch when my iPhone was in this case. I also could not use my default third party Lightning cable and had to resort to my thinner Apple cable since the inner layer is so thick.

You first place your iPhone into the inner TPE lining layer and then snap on the outer plastic shell. You have to manipulate things a bit to get the inner TPE layer just right around the edges and around openings.

The Aegis case is lightweight, but it is a bit bulky. That said, it is offering a good level of drop and impact protection.

A screen protector is also included for the iPhone.

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