Hands-on with the Zeos Glassy Edge to Edge for iPhone 6 Plus: Screen protection covering the curves

A reported quarter to third of smartphone owners carry their phones without a case. The new Zeos screen protector extends over the curved edges to provide full and complete protection.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Various sources state that a quarter to a third of iPhone owners prefer to carry their device without a case. While I enjoying using cases for specific functions, such as ones with a kickstand for watching movies, the majority of the time I carry my iPhone 6 Plus naked.

In order to help provide screen protection for those who spurn a case, Zeos created a screen protector, called the Zeos Glassy Edge to Edge, that has curved edges to match the curved glass on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

I've tested a few glass screen protectors and every one of them stops short of the edges. While this is necessary for those who then apply a case to their iPhone 6, it looks a bit goofy when you carry your device naked. Apple's iPhone 6 Plus is a beautifully designed device and having a screen protector with unprotected areas around the front takes away from the appeal.

Retail package and installation

The Zeos Glassy Edge to Edge for the iPhone 6 Plus comes with the protector, screen cleaning alcohol wipe, microfiber fabric, dust removal sticker, squeegee, directions, and installer unit. I have gotten pretty good at installing screen protectors, but even with my experience alignment is never absolutely perfect.


The installer unit that Zeos includes makes perfect installation quick and easy. You simply place the screen protector in the installer unit, remove the clear plastic protection sheet, and then position the plastic installer unit onto your iPhone 6 Plus. Everything lines up perfectly and I couldn't be any happier with the installation method.


The Zeos glass protector is designed with colored areas, white or black, to match your iPhone 6 Plus above and below the display. The adhesive to secure the protector to your display is only present in way of your viewable display. The black, or white if you have a white front on your iPhone 6 Plus, above and below the display does not have adhesive.

The glass extends out and over the edges of your iPhone 6 Plus, exactly matching your iPhone's curved edges. The only way I can even tell there is a protector on my display is that the depth to the Touch ID button is a bit deeper due to the glass around it.

The protector fits great and I haven't seen any lifting, bubbles, or any other flaw after using the protector for more than a week of heavy usage.

The Zeos Glassy Edge to Edge protector has an oleophobic coating so it resists fingerprints and is easy to wipe clean, has a surface hardness of 8-9H, is only 0.4mm thick, and composed of anti-shatter film. There are actually eight layers that compose the screen protector. These include a release film, anti-fingerprint layer, tempered optical glass, optical adhesive, anti-shatter film, special silicone, anti-static layer, and release film.

Availability and experiences

You can purchase the Zeos Glassy Edge to Edge protector for the iPhone 6 Plus for $59.50 directly from Zeos or online at retailers such as Amazon. Make sure to select black or white to match the front of your iPhone. The iPhone 6 models are priced at $49.50

Zeos also has a case-friendly version where the glass does stop a bit short from the edge. I tested this for a day and the protector worked well with all the cases I have available.

You won't find any degradation in screen quality. The glass material provides the touch and feel of the original iPhone 6 display and you truly won't even know a protector is in place with this Zeos model. I am extremely pleased with the installation and performance of the Zeos Glassy Edge to Edge.

BTW, I just received a Mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone 6 Plus and it actually works just fine with the Edge to Edge protector. Zeos stated that the Edge to Edge will actually work with some cases and since I prefer to carry my iPhone 6 Plus without a case this is my preferred protector.

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