Happy birthday, Apple Macintosh

Twenty-five years ago, on 24 January, 1984, Apple unveiled the Macintosh computer. We look back at the history of a unique brand, and forward to what may happen
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

The Apple Macintosh has always attracted passionate interest, both for and against. In the quarter century since it was launched, the Macintosh brand has seen moments of genius and calamity.

Born from the vision of Steve Jobs and a very talented team of maverick designers, the first Macintosh promised much — perhaps more than the affordable technology of the time could deliver. There were wilderness years, when father was away. And now, it and Steve are part of an Apple that's stronger, more confident and more ambitious than ever.

We're happy to celebrate its silver anniversary, with video, photographs and even a glance at how things might look when the Macintosh reaches its golden year, in 2034.

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