Has your iPhone been hacked? This app will let you know (and tell you what to do)

Running a compromised smartphone is one of the worst things that can happen to an individual or organization.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

The amount of data that we carry on our smartphones is incredible -- everything from personal photos to health data to financial information to confidential business information. Using a compromised smartphone means that all that data, and more, is up for grabs.

While the chances of an iPhone being hacked is low, it's not zero, and the more important data you have on it, the greater the chances are that someone will want it.

Well, if you're concerned, there's an app for that.

It's called iVerify, and it's available for both individuals and organizations.

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iVerify (version 17)

While I'm a huge fan of the in-depth protection guides contained in iVerify -- these alone are worth the $2.99 price of the app -- where this app really shines is in its ability to carry out device scans and not only spot signs of compromise, but also offer solid, step-by-step advice on what to do and how to remove the threat.

Coming back to those protection guides. These are a mine of quality, regularly updated information on how to do all sorts of things, from secure your social media accounts, protecting your wireless data, and protecting your iPhone from theft.

The version that's aimed at organizations allows for centralized admin controls that allow the easy onboarding of new devices, real-time security telemetry, as well as seeing who has -- and hasn't -- been through the security guides!

Enterprise protection starts at $3/user/month.

I'm usually wary of "security" apps as most are little more than snake oil, but iVerify is one that offers real protection whether you're a concerned individual or a company that wants peace of mind.

I've been using this app for some time now, and I highly recommend it. The tutorials and guides alone are well worth the money and regularly updated, and the threat scanner is a nice extra.

Worried that your Android device might be compromised? iVerify has a version for that platform that's coming soon. 

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