First look: Here come the Apple HomeKit devices for connected homes

In advance of next week's WorldWide Developer Conference, the first Apple HomeKit products are available to buy or pre-order.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

Despite earlier reports that HomeKit products would be delayed, the first few are becoming available for your smarthome. The devices all work with Siri for voice commands and can be grouped together into scenes and rooms for easier control.

First Apple HomeKit devices

Lutron's Caséta Wireless line of light switches and dimmers are among the first products available to support HomeKit, Apple's connected home platform introduced a year ago. Apple Stores will sell the $229.95 Caséta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit with HomeKit-enabled Smart Bridge. The kit includes two dimmers, two remotes and two pedestals with the option to add additional dimmer and remotes for $59.95. Lutron also has an Apple Watch app for its Caséta Wireless products.

SmartHome's $149.95 Insteon Hub Pro also gains HomeKit compatibility, is available today at Smarthome.com and Amazon.com along with retail store availibility in July. The hub acts as central server for both HomeKit and Insteon products such as switches, door sensors, and lights. It can also manage devices based on a user-configured schedule.

If Nest isn't your thermostat of choice, the ecobee3 is a HomeKit-compatible option sold directly through the Apple Store. There's a 2 to 3 week delivery window there for the $249.95 Wi-Fi thermostat which supports remote control from iOS devices and auto-away detection so you're not heating or cooling the house when you're not home. Ecobee says other online retailers will be delivering the device in two days if you can't wait for Apple's inventory.

Elgato's Eve product line is also available on a pre-order basis. Eve Room measures and reports on indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity while Eve Weather provides outdoor temps, humidity and air pressure.

Eve Door & Window sensors keep track of open and close actions along with time and duration. Lastly, Eve Energy sits between appliances and your electric outlets, offering power consumption details and on/off switching. The Eve products range in price from $39.95 to $79.95.

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