HERE Technologies launches asset tracking service

Here Technologies tracking platform aims to track assets, peoplem and devices in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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HERE Technologies is launching a cloud platform designed for real-time tracking of goods, devices, and people as it aims to expand in the enterprise asset management market.

The company's HERE Tracking is designed to work indoors and outdoors and will integrate with enterprise resource planning systems, and other supply chain touch points.

HERE Tracking is built on the company's Open Location Platform.


For HERE, which was spun out of Nokia, the combination of mapping and the enterprise signals more growth -- especially as Internet of Things deployments ramp.

HERE Tracking includes:

  • Maps for indoor and outdoor environments with geo-coding.
  • Positioning technology with offline capabilities.
  • Geofencing APIs.
  • Analytics and visualization.

While HERE Technologies is increasingly targeting the enterprise, multiple vendors have similar plans. For instance, BlackBerry's Radar IoT and asset tracking system has been gaining momentum in transportation via partnerships. TomTom and Microsoft Azure are partnered on enterprise IoT and location tools.

HERE Tracking uses multiple positioning technologies including offline, satellite, and network tools.

According to HERE, its tracking system can be used in the smart office and factory as well as construction, transportation, and supply chain. Initial partners include Airoha and Concox Information & Technology Co.

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