Here's how Microsoft can fix its Windows 10 update issues

ZDNet's Ed Bott and Mary Jo Foley make some proposals that could help Microsoft solve its Windows 10 version 1809 issues in the future. We should have charged Microsoft a consulting day rate.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Disastrous is the best word to describe Microsoft's release of Windows 10 version 1809. A data deletion bug forced the company to take the unprecedented step of halting the roll-out of its October 2018 feature update.

ZDNet's Ed Bott and Mary Jo Foley offer some proposals that could help Microsoft avoid repeating the missteps which plagued version 1809.


Microsoft needs to refocus on Windows 10 fundamentals, not just new features

Mary Jo Foley: Windows as a service, as it currently exists, isn't working. Microsoft's plan to release two feature updates to Windows 10 annually, as Microsoft has been doing since 2015, is not seen as a plus by many customers. After the debacle around the Windows 10 October Update/1809, the perception that Microsoft has lost control of its Windows 10 update strategy is even more apparent...[Read more]


Two Windows 10 feature updates a year is too many

Ed Bott: The idea of delivering two full Windows 10 upgrades every year sounds great on paper. In practice, the Windows 10 upgrade cycle has been unnecessarily disruptive, especially to home users who don't have the technical skills to deal with those updates...[Read more]


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