Here's the world's first 3D copy machine

A new device can 3D print, scan, copy, and fax. And the crowd loves it.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

It seems like everyday a new 3D printer pops up on a crowdfunding site that pushes the boundaries of 3D printer functionality.

Here's the latest example: the world's first 3D copy machine.

It's called Zeus and, according to its developers at AIO Robotics, it's the first device in the world to 3D print, scan, copy, and fax in a single device. And the crowd loves it. As TechCrunch reports, the device exceeded its $100,000 goal on its first day on Kickstarter.

Why would you need a device that can not only scan and print, but also fax (isn't that old technology)? Say you want to share a prototype for a product you're developing in New York with your colleagues in San Francisco. If you both have the Zeus you can fax them the design where the prototype can be replicated in 3D, no shipping necessary. For hobbyists, some of these features may not be necessary, but for businesses this could be just what they need to make use of 3D printing technology in an efficient way -- no need to purchase separate devices like this 3D scanner.

Check it out:

The cost looks to be around $2,499 (though an early bird special only cost $1,999, but it sold out). That's not a bad price considering buying Makerbot's Replicator 2 and its 3D scanner would set you back $3,599.

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