HEX 4-in-1 case for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro: Folio, wallet, case alone modes are up to you

Millions carry their smartphones in folio cases, but it's not always the most convenient method of carrying your phone and essentials. With this new 4-in-1 case HEX gives you the flexibility to carry and protect your iPhone 11 Pro how you want thanks to strong magnets and a creative design.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Over the past decade I have tested plenty of folio cases for my smartphones, but after a couple of weeks of use I end up setting them aside. Unlike all the people I see using these types of cases daily, the folio form factor doesn't work for me all of the time and thus can't be my primary case for the long term.

The folks at HEX recently sent along the 4-in-1 case in black leather for me to test with my iPhone 11 Pro and it may indeed be the perfect case for me as it gives me options for specific use cases. BTW, HEX is holding a Cyber Weekend sale that gets you 30% off all of its products using code BFCM19 so now is the time to pick up one of its cases or bags.

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Case design elements

HEX currently has its 4-in-1 case available for all three new iPhone 11 models in brown leather, black leather, and camo leather color options. Each case is priced at $99.95, but take advantage of that Cyber Weekend code above to save nearly $30!

There are three pieces that connect in various arrangements to create the 4-in-1 HEX case. The main piece (known as the hybrid case) is a polycarbonate shell case with inlaid black leather material on the back and TPU impact bumpers on the side. The TPU bumpers rise above the display 0.85mm to help protect the display. The inside of the case is lined with microfiber material to protect the back of your iPhone 11 Pro from scratches and help protect it during drops.

There are raised buttons for the volume and right side key with openings for the ringer switch, speaker, and Lightning port. A large opening for the rear cameras is present with the case matching the height of the lenses to also help protect them when you set the case down. The back is also further strengthened with embedded N45H magnets. Wireless charging and Apple Pay still work thanks to the magnets being offset internally in the case.

The second piece is the folio assembly. It is composed mainly of microfiber-lined premium full grain leather with a supple soft feel and texture to help you grip your iPhone in the case. On the left inside flap there is a long card/money holder with the pocket extended nearly all the way across to keep the card/money in place while not impacting your display.

HEX 4-in-1 case for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro: in pictures

The backside is cut to allow for the large rear camera assembly and is also stiffened by N45H magnets. A small leather strap extends around the open side of the folio and magnetically attaches to the front to keep things closed securely.

The last piece of this case is a small card wallet that has three credit card slots with RFID blocking to keep your cards secure. The card wallet is composed of premium leather with embedded magnets.

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Four carry modes

These three pieces can be configured, thanks to the embedded magnets, to be used in four modes. The four modes are:

  1. Hybrid case: The shell case itself is the first element that is required for all modes and is the way I carry my iPhone the majority of the time.
  2. Hybrid case and card wallet: Magnets allow you to slap the card wallet right on the back of the hybrid case and the magnets keep it very securely in place. The three cards face towards the back of the case, but the slots are tight so that your cards should not slide out.
  3. Hybrid case and folio: Set the hybrid case onto the right side of the folio and then you have a very nice folio case to carry around your iPhone 11 Pro, some cash or cards, and protect the display of your iPhone too.
  4. Hybrid case, card wallet, and folio: The ultimate HEX 4-in-1 package is present when you place the hybrid case into the folio and then position the card wallet on the back of the folio. This entire assembly is a bit big for my tastes every day, but it is convenient when you are traveling or going somewhere for an extended period of time and want everything packed with you.

Actually, you could add a fifth mode that doesn't include your iPhone 11 Pro. That would be carrying the card wallet itself as a minimalist wallet, which is the type I carry on a daily basis since I don't want the bulk of a full large wallet in my pocket.

The beauty of this case is that you get four cases in one and have the flexibility to carry your iPhone as you desire while also protecting it from drops. The only feature I would love to have with this case is the ability to prop up my iPhone 11 Pro for viewing media.

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