Hey SanDisk, where is the microSD card slot on the KIN devices?

SanDisk sent out a notice on Friday revealing the Microsoft was going to announce their "pink" phones and not to forget that SanDisk cards work with mobile phones. However, they actually do not work with the new Microsoft KIN phones.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I have no idea what SanDisk was thinking of when they sent out emails to the press on Friday when they let the cat out of the bag by confirming what the topic of today's Microsoft announcement was going to be. Microsoft never told anyone what the announcement was about, even though speculation pretty much confirmed what we were going to hear about. Still, a company like SanDisk should know better than to send out such a note before the official announcement. The funny thing is there isn't even a microSD card slot on the new KIN devices so SanDisk was just trying to gain attention when they don't even have a product that works with these new cellphones.

Here is what they sent out on Friday:

As you know, Monday marks a big day for Microsoft as the company will be unveiling its long-awaited “pink” mobile phone. As you gear up to cover this news, I wanted to remind you that SanDisk microSD cards are the ideal companion for mobile devices and provide phones with room for just about anything.

That was pretty classless for SanDisk to send out such a notice like that and I am sure a few Microsoft people were angry with it. It actually makes them look pretty stupid too since the KIN devices actually cannot work with their products.

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