Home cinema projectors

Sometimes, your TV is just too small to do justice to a movie, or a sporting event. That's when you need a projector. We examine 10 contenders for a place in your living room.
Written by Jonathan Bennett, Contributor

If you want to recreate the cinema experience in your home, you need a projector capable of handling inputs from a variety of sources -- computer, VCR, DVD player and so on. The device also needs to be reasonably compact and, ideally, have some positional flexibility without adversely affecting picture quality. After all, you don't want to have to completely rearrange your living room in order to accommodate your projector.

Projectors have traditionally been expensive devices, and the highest-priced of the 10 products reviewed here do cost around £4,000 (ex. VAT). However, you can also get a perfectly usable device for much less -- several products in this group test come in below £1,500.

So read the reviews, make your choice, get the popcorn in, and enjoy.

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