How do multi-device consumers really behave? Google thinks Analytics 360 Suite will tell you

Google wants to give businesses a clear picture of consumer habits both online and offline with its new Analytics 360 Suite.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

New visualization tool Data Studio 360 is one of six components in Google's Analytics 360 Suite.

Image: Google

Google has unveiled its Analytics 360 Suite, a new integrated set of tools for businesses to make sense of data in a world where consumers use multiple devices to make immediate purchasing decisions.

The Analytics 360 Suite consists of six products, including Google Analytics Premium, its main measurement tool for exploring customer data, which has been renamed Google Analytics 360.

It also integrates Adometry, now known as Google Attribution 360, which helps firms analyze performance across channels, devices, and systems to optimize marketing decisions.

The suite aims to help enterprise marketers exploit the so-called 'micro-moments' when consumers pick up the nearest device to find stores, buy products, or look for answers -- essentially when they decide to take action.

The suite promises to help firms understand customer habits online and offline. It will offer the ability to take data from a range of sources, such as CRM, devices, PoS systems, and IoT devices, and move it into Analytics 360 or export it to BigQuery.

"Several years ago, Google engineers set out to simplify marketing analytics in the same way we simplified web search with Google.com. With infrastructure that allows us to handle billions and billions of daily search queries -- generating answers before users even finish typing -- we set out to give enterprise marketers the same utility," said Paul Muret, Google vice president of analytics, display, and video products, in a statement announcing the new suite.

The four remaining products in the suite are new, including the Google Audience Centre 360, a data-management platform (DMP) that's integrated with Google and DoubleClick and is open to third-party data providers.

The Google Optimize 360 beta lets marketers create A/B tests to find out what customers prefer in an online experience. Markets can use its editor to adjust text and images during the tests and then analyze the results to pick a winner.

Google Data Studio 360, also in beta, is a new visualization tool that melds data from across the suite to generate interactive reports and dashboards. This product's real-time collaboration and sharing features are based on Google Docs technology, according to Muret.

Finally, there's Google Tag Manager 360, which helps track user behavior on a site as well as manage and add new tags.

Google has launched all four new products under a limited beta while existing customers of Google Analytics Premium and Adometry should see the name changes appear in coming months.

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